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Incredible Romantic Movies Based on Real-Life Love Stories

By Apr 14,2020

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Incredible Romantic Movies Based on Real-Life Love Stories

A lot of romantic movies are actually guilty of making us live in fantasies that its all lovie dovie in the game of love. Well it is like that for some but not to everyone actually. Well, some of the romantic movie are inspired by the real-life love stories. And it is not a surprise that some of these movies have gone all the way and secure some accolades in the movie and entertainment industry.

Well, without wasting much of your ado, lets highlight some of the romantic movies that are based in real-life stories.

Bonnie and Clyde – 1967

This movie Bonnie and Clyde need no introduction this is a part and parcel of the popular American legends, all credit to their infamous robbing and killing their way to the American Southern States during the embargo time. Their notoriety was further sealed with the 1967 movie Bonnie and Clyde. This movie went on and claim some amazing awards during that time.

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Lady Sings the Blues – 1972

This movie is actually based on the popular autobiography of singer Billie Holiday. She had a difficult early life and she dismally struggled with alcohol and drugs. Her career was marred with drug abuse.

However, good fortunes followed her through her life. She met Billy Dee William and the man went on and rejuvenate her life. He went on and help her through her struggles before he went on and took her as a wife.

Cleopatra -1963

This one is all about depicting the troubled love of the Ancient Egyptian Pharaoh. Cleopatra and Roman, Mark Antony whom she later gets married to. This movie went on and became a very disreputable for its cost.

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