In Strict Confidence back with ‘Cryogenix (25 Years Edition)’

By Jun 17,2021

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In Strict Confidence back with'Cryogenix (25 Years Edition)'

With “Cryogenix”, In Strict Confidence released their debut CD on Talla 2XLC’s electro cult label Zoth Ommog in 1996. Four years after its release, however, the label ceased to exist and as a result, “Cryogenix” disappeared from the market in 2000 until today.

The band and its label Minuswelt have now revived this album for its 25th anniversary in a special edition. The new edition comes with 4 extra bonus tracks (rare and unreleased material): “Dementia” (Funker Vogt Remix), “Inside” (Inside Out Instrumental), “Heavens Help” (Life – Part 3) and “Dementia” (Redux).

About In Strict Confidence

In Strict Confidence is a German electro-industrial band. Formed in 1989, they were known as Seal of Secrecy until 1992. In Strict Confidence has been signed to several record labels, including Zoth Ommog, Metropolis Records and WTII Records.

In Strict Confidence originally started out as a quartet, but stripped down to a duo (Dennis Ostermann and Jörg Schelte) in 1992, releasing two demos tapes on the way to their debut release “Cryogenix” on Zoth Ommog in 1996, shortly followed by an EP “Collapse”. The third album “Love Kills!” was released on the newly formed but unfortunately short lived Bloodline label two years later.

Founding member Stefan Vesper then re-joined the group in time for “Mistrust the Angels” in 2002 with subsequent albums “Holy” and “Exile Paradise” appearing at two-year intervals. These albums saw the increasing use of female vocals from Antje Schulz, vocalist of the band Chandeen, and the addition of female vocalist Nina de Lianin.


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