Blut Reaktor joins Insane Records and releases EP ‘Post Mortem’

By Jun 17,2021

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Blut Reaktor joins Insane Records and releases EP'Post Mortem'

Insane Records announces the signing of the American dark electro project from New York, Blut Reaktor. This is a one-man formation (John Noir) which started out back in 2008, now has released brand new digital EP, “Post Mortem”. The EP consists of 6 original tracks.

You can expect a very dark sound avoiding dance beats.

Blut Reaktor was formed in 2008 with the first 3 releases from 2008 – 2010 being instrumental ones. In 2013, the “Blut Reaktor” EP was released on which John contributed vocals for the first time. Later that year he released a revamped version of the first release, “In Limbo”. In 2014 together with Monique Decay joining, the band released a compilation album with reworked versions of “Limbo”, “Glitch” and more.

In 2015 “In Vain”, was released, which also was the project’s label debut album “In Vain” on Underground Industrial Records. The following year, the single “Cathartic Angel Complex” was launched on all digital platforms. In 2020 the project released the EP “Tales from the flesh” together with the albums “Imperfecta” and “In Vain Redux”.

The project’s second album on a label will be released later this year on Insane Records.


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