Imiafan – Videnie (Vinyl Mini-Album – Falco Invernale Records)

By Oct 28,2019

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Genre/Influences: Minimal-electro, electro-wave.    

Background/Info: ImiAFan has been set up around 1999. The Slovakian project is driven by Imi Vegh (4mg label owner) and Miki Bernath. Several productions were released thus far by different labels. For their latest work, Imiafan joined hands together with the French label F.I.R. (run by Makina Girgir, which also is a very interesting minimal-electro project).

Content: “Videnie” features 6 songs. The sound is clearly inspired by good-old 80s electro influences, which are sometimes polished with an electro-wave arrangement. The songs are pure old-school like and driven by a slow cadence. One of the most eccentric elements remain the Slovakian vocals.

+ + + : I think there are not enough projects like Imiafan active at the electro scene. This band deals with a very personal retro approach creating a refreshing element. It has something unique, which is accentuated by the Slovakian lyrics. The vinyl format perfectly matches with this retro approach. The work features 6 different songs, which makes it more exciting than a traditional EP with numerous remixes. I like the minimalism emerging from bleeping sequences and cold atmosphere recovering the work. Notice by the way there’s a translation of the vocals at the back cover.

– – – : It’s just regretting this project has no wider recognition. It probably doesn’t sound as a ‘commercial’ format, but will catch the attention of fine tasters.

Conclusion: Imiafan only confirms its fine taste for electro-minimalism carried by 80s elements.

Best songs: “Kto?”, “Bez Úst, Bez Ozveny”, “Stupaj”.

Rate: (8).




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