IceSun – Iceworks (Album – Unknown Pleasures Records)

By Feb 25,2021

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Genre/Influences: Cold-Wave, Cold-Rock.

Format: Digital, CD.

Background/Info: IceSun is a French band from Paris. The album “Iceworks” features a selection of songs that were previously edited at the band’s album “Heartquake” (2018) and the EP “Militia” (2015). So we get a total of ten songs. 

Content: You directly hear this band can only come from France because of the typical accent (the songs have been sung in English). The influences of IceSun are clearly bringing us back to the darkest hours of the 80s Cold/Dark-Wave movement, but they also bring a more personal and Rock-inspired touch to the production. The songs aren’t driven by power, but the global atmospheres hanging over the songs seem to be more important and an essential aspect of the production. One of the songs (cf. “Leave”) is a song originally written by Violet Stigmata. It’s not that of a coincidence this song has been ‘covered’ as 2 of the band members were still part of Violet Stigmata.

+ + + : If you like the 80s and its Dark/Cold-Wave sound you definitely will be interested discovering IceSun. But the good thing is this band doesn’t exactly bring an emulation of the 80s, but simply uses some influences to compose their own music. It becomes a mix between different influences although a dark sphere is ruling. “Love In A Panzer” is one of the high lights in the genre, but I also have to mention “The Toxic In Me”. Another cool song is “Cold Inside” for its Eastern-like guitar touch on top.

– – – : I’m missing an extra power boost in some of the songs. This is an easy listening production, but without a true climax.

Conclusion: IceSun is what I would call in French ‘gentil’; a nice album with no highs or lows.

Best songs: “Cold Inside”, “Love IN A Panzer”, “The Toxic In Me”, “Leave”.

Rate: (6½).





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