Greyhound – Inner Noise Level (CD Album – Hands)

By Aug 2,2016

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Genre/Influences: Power-noise, industrial.

GreyhoundBackground/Info: Steffen Lehmann and his Greyhound project became one of the veterans of the Hands label. This German noise terrorist –who’s also the man behind the more into trance-industrial minded Syntech, has just released the 6th official album under the Greyhound moniker. Lehmann invites his fans for a deadly ride featuring 16 chapters.

Content: If you know what Greyhounds stands for you’ll be not really surprised to discover a new and often merciless sonic production made of noises and hard rhythms. The opening cut is a sweet and somewhat tribal-industrial teaser, which is just meant to get you in the mood.

Quite rapidly you’ll feel like embarked on a sonic stream train, which does not know about mercy. It all sounds hard and primitive, and the devilish noise rotor still has a long trip to go. The production reveals no real innovation holding on to the familiar sonic formula made of scratching industrial noises and other distorted electronics. A few cuts reveal electronic treatments coming more to the forefront, but globally speaking it all remains a rough experience in sound.

+ + + : The sound formula hasn’t really changed, but the result remains pretty exciting for all power-noise lovers. Greyhound gets close to a transcendental climax, which will for sure really come through during live performances. My favorite cuts are those that are a bit more elaborate with extra industrial manipulations and electronic sequences.

– – – : “Inner Noise Level” has nothing new to offer while there’s not a lot of diversity between the tracks. It’s an album without surprises, which becomes pretty predictable after a while.

Conclusion: Greyhound remains faithful to its first love and passion for power-noise. I see less evolution compared to previous releases although this album features multiple noticeable cuts.

Best songs: “Come To Rest”, “Crash”, “Moving Machines”, “Pure Menace”.

Rate: (7).


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