Greyhound – A Storm Is Coming (CD Album – Hands)

By Jan 14,2020

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Genre/Influences: Rhythmic-noise, power-noise, industrial. 

Background/Info: Steffen Lehmann is back on track, unleashing the eighth full length album of his Greyhound project. All albums have been released by Hands. 

Content: When holding a Greyhound-album in your hands, you know to what risks you’ll get exposed! This is a new assault of heavy rhythmic-noise tracks. The heavy rhythm is constant and there’s not one single break. A few tracks are featuring some vocal effects, which sound more as an extra noise input instead of ‘classical’ vocal parts. The album is powerful and linear although intermixed with some electronic sequences adding a sophisticated touch to the work. 

+ + + : Greyhound stands for brutal power; the essence of rhythmic-noise or power-noise, but definitely one of the heaviest and most perverted formats of industrial music. Call it hard-core! The composition has been however accomplished with some subtle electronic sequences. They’re not exactly adding melody, but getting the rough and unpolished format of the tracks more accessible. This album also has a transcendental sensation for the constant rhythms. I especially like the opening- and final cuts of the album. 

– – – : I rapidly get a feeling of déjà-vu when listening to this kind of music; it becomes rather repetitive after a while. 

Conclusion: Greyhound remains a warrant for qualitative and merciless rhythmic-noise music; it’s a merciless experience for rough club gangers, which can be best defined by the title of this album or one of the other titles: Like a kick in the face!

Best songs: “Hope Dies Last”, “One Step Forward”, “Escape”, “Burning bridges”, “Like A Kick In The Face”; 

Rate: (8½). 


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