Grauzone see debut (and only) album ‘Grauzone (D No. 37)’ re-released as 40th anniversary edition

By May 18,2021

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Grauzone see debut (and only) album'Grauzone (D No. 37)' re-released as 40th anniversary edition

Grauzone was a (very shortlived) band from Berne, Switzerland that was active and disbanded in the early 1980s. Most famous for their 1981 hit “Eisbär” (“Polar Bear”) Marco Repetto, GT and Martin Eicher also had some success with the singles “Film 2” and “Wütendes Glas”.

The band however only released one album, “Grauzone (D No. 37)”. And that one is now reissued as a 40 years anniversary release on vinyl with extensive liner notes and including 9 bonus-tracks, not on the original album. The release also comes as a digipak CD containing the same tracks as on the 2LP (including the 9 bonus-tracks).

There is also a boxset conceived and supervised by original band member Stephan Eicher holding the 2LP, an 80-pages, an exclusive 9-tracks live-LP (featuring mostly unreleased tracks), liner notes and lyrics stickers.

After Grauzone GT and Marco Repetto formed a new band Missing Link, later Eigernordwand, with the former Glueams guitarist Martin Pavlinec and the drummer Dominique Uldry. GT supplemented the futurism oriented performance group “Red Catholic Orthodox Jewish Chorus” around performance artist Edy Marconi, in which occasionally Marco Repetto also played. Later the group changed their name to I Suonatori. Stephan Eicher from his side started a successful solo career. In 1988, Martin Eicher published his solo-EP Spellbound Lovers. In 1989, Marco Repetto started a new career as a Techno and Ambient DJ, musician and producer (a.o. mittageisen v2).



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