God Module – The Unsound (Album – Infacted Recordings)

By Mar 27,2020

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Genre/Influences: EBM, dark-electro.

Format: Digital, CD, vinyl.

Background/Info: Jason Bangert started his God Module project in the late 90s. Last year he released this new work, which is the eighth official album to date. Metropolis Records have also released the album as vinyl edit.

Content: It took a while to get a new God Module album. “The Unsound” takes off with the already familiar “Cross My Heart” (previously released as single), which stands for the sound this project. It also symbolizes the powerful mix between EBM and dark-electronics with the cavernous vocals of Jason Bangert on top. Backing vocals were performed by Andrew Pearson (involved together with Bangert in Hexheart) and Courtney Bangert. The album features ten tracks, which hold on a constant danceable dynamic mixed with carrying choruses. The work features 10 tracks and among them 2 instrumentals.

+ + + : God Module didn’t really try to innovate, but simply moves on composing alluring songs, which sound as the perfect fusion between EBM and dark-electro. There’re a few brilliant pieces featured like the already mentioned and familiar “Cross My Heart” -which is driven by a phenomenal, blasting lead and “Display”. The last mentioned song hasn’t been released as a single, but is according to me a heavy, danceable and dark piece of music. The global sound production has progressively evolved throughout the years. Jason Bangert doesn’t try that much new things, but simply improves his global production. It resulted in overwhelming, attacking sound treatments and refined arrangements. I’m still enjoying the vocals’ production, which totally fits to the music.  

– – – : I can’t say it’s a real regret, but God Module is not exactly the kind of band striving for innovation. So after all these years of involvement, the new songs become a bit predictable.

Conclusion: God Module remains a great sonic bridge between EBM and dark-electronics while “The Unsound” confirms the leading status of this band.

Best songs: “Cross My Heart”, “Display”, “Phenomenon”, “Grey Forces”, “Unconscious”, “Behind The Curtain”.

Rate: (8½).

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