Gender Trouble – Chokehair (CD Album – Dark Vinyl)

By Mar 7,2017

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Genre/Influences: Dark-techno.

Background/Info: This new project was set up by R. Loren (Pyramids, Sailors With Wax Wings, White Moth) and Faith Malimba (Black Doll). They got some help from Kenneth Parker and Ashley Scott Jones while the vocals have been done by Marissa Nadler and Scout Pare Phillips. This is a serious ‘gang’ to accomplish 2 long duration cuts.

Content: “Chokehair” is an album I didn’t exactly expect to be released on Dark Vinyl. The sound is definitely driven by techno- and trance vibes. It sounds pretty groovy and the perfect music for raves.

But “Chokehair” is not exactly dealing with ‘cheap’ techno music. The sound has been accomplished by numerous sound effects, dark noises (especially on the second cut) and other experimental treatments. So in the end it all becomes a somewhat enigmatic techno sound, which finally ends into a noise apotheosis. I now better understand why Dark Vinyl has signed this project.

+ + + : Both songs have been meticulously worked out. It doesn’t sound that at all easy and “Chokehair” is much more than simply repetitive dance loops. I like the progression and the addition of somewhat background female vocals. The second cut sounds harder and is progressively joining a real climax along with pure noise treatments.

– – – : I can easily imagine some Dark Vinyl fans will be surprised discovering Gender Trouble, which remains pretty technoid. No doubt about it this is the kind of music that will find its place at rave parties and maybe not at industrial parties.

Conclusion: Gender Trouble is a band name that instantly catch the attention and that’s rather symbolic for the music they’re dealing with. This is a kind of alien-made techno music, but it makes sense and I enjoyed the rave…

Best songs: “Unknown Infant”, “Chokehair”.

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