Gasoline Invertebrate – Damage Over Time (Album – Tigersquawk Records)

By Oct 4,2020

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Genre/Influences: Dark-electro, dark-pop.

Format: Digital.

Background/Info: “Damage Over Time” is the second official full length album by Gasoline Invertebrate. After the “Freak Drive”-album released three years ago, we get ten new songs by Brian Graupner who’s mainly known for his involvement with The Gothsicles. Notice by the way and that’s a real important aspect of this record, nearly all songs have been produced by a different producer!

Content: “Damage Over Time” is mainly driven by dark-electronics, but most of the songs are polished with electro-pop elements. The melodic side of the work is immediately noticeable and especially the song featuring Chris Connelly (cf. “Scarlet Slip”) has something pretty dance-like. Behind this ‘dark’ fusion between the music styles you’ll also notice multiple sound effects symbolizing the elaborated format of this work. The tracklist is progressively evolving towards harder and harsher cuts.

+ + + : “Damage Over Time” is an interesting work for different reasons; it’s not only a danceable and well-crafted composition, but there’s a great fusion between darker, powerful electro and pop-like melodies. It creates something apart from all other bands repeating the same old dark-electro sound formula. Chris Connelly is a noticeable guest on this album and that’s also a good reason to discover this work… although “Scarlet Slip” is not my favorite cut. I think if there’s a potential hit featured on the album it must be “Feast”, which is not only powerful and danceable, but still has a great retro-like melody line. Among the producers you’ll find artists such as Martin Bowes (Attrition), Vasi Vallis (Reaper, Frozen Plasma), Kolja Trelle (Soman), Brant Showers (Aaimon), Steven Archer (Stoneburner, Ego Likeness) ao.

– – – : I know it must be surprising to say that the song featuring Chris Connelly is the single one that can’t totally convince me. It has something more ‘commercial’ and ‘danceable’-like, which doesn’t really fit to the rest of the tracklist.

Conclusion: “Damage Over Time” is a noticeable and alluring second album for Gasoline Invertebrate.

Best songs: “Feast”, “Headschatten”, “Let The Demon Out”, “Boston”, “Rejected Organ Transplant”.

Rate: (7).




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