Gadje Scum – Gadje Scum (CD EP – Gadje Scum)

By Jul 29,2013

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Genre/Influences: Electro-dub, d’n’b.

Content: Gadje Scum is a Belgian project featuring 6 musicians with very different musical roots and background. It’s really hard, and even impossible, to define the sound of Gadje Scum as one particular genre.

How would you call a sound merging d’n’b rhythms together with ska, dub, space electro treatments and a rap singer? I think it’s nearly impossible to put a stamp on this band, which is maybe their main force. Gadje Scum this way maybe tries to appeal for a wider audience, but I think they mainly will find their audience in the ska and dub scene. The multiple sax and trumpet parts are pure ska-like. It’s a quite entertaining release, which doesn’t really sound underground-like although you’ll notice a few elements from it like the lyrical passage on “Bellzabub”: ‘stop rock’n’roll’!

Conclusion: Gadje Scum sounds like miles away from our beloved underground scene dealing with dark-electronics and other EBM. This project will catch the attention of curious music lovers who are not stocked in one specific music genre.

Best songs: “End Of The Line”.

Rate: (Elise Din:6/7)ED.



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