Funerary Call – The Mirror Reversed II (CD Album – Cyclic Law)

By Jul 25,2015

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Genre/Influences: Dark-ambient, cinematographic.

Funerary CallContent: Funerary Call has now been terrorizing the dark-ambient fields of music for more than 20 years. This project became a recognized and established artist in the genre, which moves beyond simply dark-ambient music.

Two years after the album “The Mirror Reversed” we now get this 2nd chapter, which just as the 1st one feature only a single track. This cut sounds like a sonic web that progressively takes you in its grip for a surreal voyage for over 46 minutes. You quickly get the impression that this composition is made out of different parts, which all come together in a kind of cinematographic puzzle. But more than simply dark-ambient music, Funerary Call again explores the darkest realms of sound excelling in the creation of obscure and tormenting passages. The visual strength of this work again appears to be one of the main characteristics, which also confirms the genius of Harlow MacFarlane.

The work has been accomplished by numerous electronic manipulations plus field recordings. It creates a kind of mystic and somewhat ritual exploration of dark corridors leading to death. A kind of spooky, whispering voice suddenly emerges like an evil ghost. Vibrating electronic sound waves and other deep sounding blasts only accentuate the experience of terror created by this Prince of darkness. Growls and other icy sonic arrangements are accomplished in this new work as it was touched by the devil himself. The universe of Funerary Call is one colored by surreal imaginary stories created by the power of ambient music.

Conclusion: “The Mirror Reversed” II” is not my favorite in the history of Funerary Call album although it remains a poignant and frightening experience in dark-ambient music.

Best songs: “The Mirror Reversed II”.

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