First Aid 4 Souls – Increased Sensory Perception (Digital EP – Alfa Matrix)

By Oct 6,2019

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Genre/Influences: EBM.

Background/Info: Hungarian artist István Gazdag (previously involved with Vacuum) is one of the electro-underground references from his country. He released an impressive number of productions as First Aid 4 Souls and now sees all his efforts renowned by joining a bigger label of the electro scene. Together with singer ‘Mortum’ (Human Vault) this EP, which rather looks like a mini-album, reveals five new songs plus two remixes.    

Content: If you’re already familiar with this talented formation, the new stuff will sound rather familiar. First Aid 4 Souls deals with an intelligent EBM format reminding me of the sophistication of Frontline Assembly. The songs are raw, elaborated and achieved with impressive sound arrangements. Sometimes into epic treatments, but always characterized by an overwhelming production, this work is mixing danceable passages together with poignant atmospheres.

+ + + : First Aid 4 Souls is the kind of intelligent EBM formation, which was maybe missing at Alfa Matrix. It’s not only about intelligence, but the global production and influences reminding Frontline Assembly is a real addition to the label’s roster. There’s a retro touch running through the songs, but there also is a very personal touch emerging at the surface. Especially the “Acid On Steel”-version of “Mortal Birth” is a phenomenal song. This is a great dance cut, but also revealing great sound treatments. I also have to mention the title song for its overwhelming and orchestral-like arrangements. This is an EP (or mini-album, however you want to call it) with no real B-side songs.

– – – : The so-called “Slow Death”-version of the title song is the single cut that left me unmoved.

Conclusion: Joining an established and leading label such as Alfa Matrix, First Aid 4 Souls will hopefully find an opportunity to reach a wider audience. This formation is a real sensation in intelligent body music!

Best songs: “Mortal Birth – Acid On Steel”, “Increased Sensory Perception”, “Phrase Fractal – Alt Bass Edit”, “Mortal Birth – Old School Version”.

Rate: (8½).


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