Fire + Ice ink deal with Auerbach Tonträger

By Mar 25,2021

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Fire + Ice ink deal with Auerbach Tonträger

Fire + Ice have signed a comprehensive deal including their full catalogue with Auerbach Tonträger. The project formed by British neofolk veteran Ian Read, who is also well known for his work with Death In June, Sol Invictus, and Current 93 will announce further news in due time.

As a first step in this collaboration, original Fire + Ice pressings as well as associated releases from Ian Read’s own imprint Fremdheit can now be obtained via Auerbach.

About Fire + Ice

Fire + Ice were created by Ian Read in 1992. Ian Read was a major contributor to the development of the neofolk genre. He performed on several of the scene’s formative albums such as Death In June’s “Brown Book” (1987), Current 93’s “Swastikas for Noddy” (1988), and Sol Invictus’ “Against The Modern World” (1987). Sol Invictus he had even co-founded with Tony Wakeford in 1987, who continued the band after Ian Read left to start his own project Fire + Ice.

With his own creative outlet, Read has ever since explored themes surrounding magic, myth, and mysteries, which are often associated with Germanic or Northern mythology, Odin, runes, and English history. Fire + Ice consider themselves as a genuine continuation of the Britsh Folk music and represent an original poetic expression of its traditions based on Ian Read’s own mystical vision and deep immersion in occult lore.

About Auerbach Tonträger

Auerbach Tonträger are an international label that was founded by its owner Martin Koller to offer a dedicated home and long-term collaborations to bands from the neofolk spectrum in the year 2003. Prominent singings include Sol Invictus, Orplid, and Spiritual Front.

Auerbach Tonträger are part of the Prophecy Productions label family under the umbrella of the independent media group SPKR.


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