Fermion – We Are Nowhere (Mini-Album – Fermion)

By Feb 6,2020

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Genre/Influences: Electro-wave, experimental.

Format: Digital.

Background/Info: Fermion is the meeting between Augustine Backer and Eric Shans (Phenotract). Both American, artists started to compose music together, unleashing their first six songs in 2019.

Content: It’s not that easy to seize all elements running through this composition. That’s maybe what explains the rather experimental touch hanging over the songs. But the main basis of their writing appears to be some electro and new-wave music. The songs have been supported with mysterious moods accentuated by some space-like effects on the vocals.

+ + + : “We are Nowhere” has something retro-like merged with contemporary influences. It’s a unique production, which is hard to label, but probably appealing form some electro-pop audience. I like the mix of influences, which creates a kind of experimental/pop/ambient hybrid. One of my favorite cuts is the instrumental “Bubble Chamber”, which is driven by a slow, bombastic rhythmic.

– – – : The global approach sounds cool, but I’m missing real highlights. A bit more melodic arrangements would be cool.

Conclusion: This new project brings an easy listening, but not groundbreaking debut work!

Best songs: “Bubble Chamber”, “Echoes Reverse”.

Rate: (6½)




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