Fär – Salute (CD Album – Circuits)

By Dec 11,2017

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Genre/Influences: Experimental, trip-pop , trap.

Background/Info: An-Sofie De Meyer (vocals) and Tim De Gieter (music & production) is a new Belgian duo active under the Fär moniker. “Salute” is the band’s official debut full length released on Circuits, which is a subdivision of the Belgian label Consouling Sounds.

Content: “Salute” is a surprising piece of music, which is characterized by the bewitching and charismatic vocals of An-Sofie De Meyer at one side and the complex, but innovating sound of Tim De Gieter at the other side. I sometimes get the feeling that the music has been composed to give the vocals a better volume and exposure. The music covers different influences, which aren’t easy to grasp. It’s pretty minimal and somewhat experimental-like while now and then reminding me of Björkk.

+ + + : Fär is a real interesting discovery, which doesn’t really follow trendy paths, but simply composes a very own style. “Salute” more sounds like the meeting between numerous influences while carried by an impressive vocalist. An-Sofie De Meyer is a talented vocalist, but Tim De Gieter also appears to be a visionary musician. I like the kind of drama –accentuated by broken, heavy beats, running through some songs. I was also impressed by the deep and dark tones this work has been made of.

– – – : “Salute” is an album you’ll maybe not like instantly. It’s a sonic experience that progressively grows. It’s hard to define the style of Fär and that’s maybe the main difficulty the band will have to conquer a wider audience… while it also makes their originality!

Conclusion: Fär is worthy of examination! They’re dealing with a kind of ‘free style’ and an impressive singer.

Best songs: “(You Belong) Here”, “Alpha”, “Last Straw”, “Umbra”.

Rate: (7½).


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