Ethan Fawkes, Julien Kidam, Dreadfool – Your Insanity (Digital EP – Tailwhip Records)

By Jan 24,2017

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Genre/Influences: Dark-technoid, d’n’b, EBM.

Ethan Fawkes, Julien Kidam, Dreadfool

Background/Info: “Your Insanity” resulted from the common efforts between Belgian techno-body producer Ethan Fawkes, French singer of The Chemical Sweet Kid aka Julien Kidam and Dreadfool (Dreadfool is an ex-member of Anamorphosis and now singer of Nihiliste). This EP has been released on a small Belgian Netlabel and features the title song plus 4 remixes.

Content: The title song sounds like the perfect offspring between the technoid sound and EBM driven sound of Ethan Fawkes at one side plus the typical vocals of Julien Kidam at the other side. The song has been sung in English and French language (by Dreadfool) accentuating the schizophrenic aspect of “Your Insanity”.

Just like all Ethan Fawkes releases the remixes have been accomplished by less familiar names like For Greater Good, Iñaki Kreator, Azlack and Owen The Saint. The remixes cover the main ingredients of the original version while each artist is adding his own touch and input. This is an opportunity to rediscover “Your Insanity” in a guitar driven version or more into EBM and even into d’n’b influences.

+ + + : Ethan Fawkes clearly likes to work with other artists and each time again he’ll take me by surprise. I didn’t really expect to see him compose a song with Julien Kidam, but the least I can say is that it sounds like an interesting challenge. This song makes sense while I especially want to recommend the EBM remix of the Argentine EBM-project Azlack and the technoid remix of Iñaki Kreator with some extra powerful guitar riffs on top. It totally matches with the harsh vocal parts.

– – – : Ethan Fawkes clearly prefers releasing EP’s around one title song with remixes instead of achieving a new full length album. I think it would be interesting to hear more songs (like on an album) on one and the same release instead of tons of remixes, but that’s just a personal point of view.

Conclusion: “Your Insanity” is a rather unexpected release for the fusion between different artists who aren’t really dealing with the same kind of music, but when ‘music’ remains the same denominator everything is possible and magic might occur.

Best songs: “Your Insanity”, “Your Insanity – Iñaki Kreator Remix”, “Your Insanity – Azlack Remix”.

Rate: (7).

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