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ES23 – Erase My Heart (CD Album – Infacted Recordings)

Genre/Influences: Dark-electro, dark-future-pop, EBM.

Background/Info: “Erase My Heart” is the third official full length released by Daniel Pad. After a totally hard and dark-electro driven debut work (cf. “Heaven Or Hell”) the next album (cf. “Mutatio Ex Machina”) revealed a few softer elements.

Content: “Erase My Heart” moves on where “Mutatio Ex Machina” stopped. I think we no longer can speak about pure dark-electronics. The songs are too melodic and clearly future-pop driven to only appeal to dark-elector heads.

“Erase My Heart” brings genres together, in a way reinventing future-pop by injecting harder and darker electro influences while I also noticed a few 90s minded elements. This work stands for hard, danceable kicks, melodic and sometimes somewhat trance-driven leads, hopping sequences and charismatic vocals.

The work features 11 songs plus 3 remixes featuring [SITD] and Alien Nation.

+ + + : ES23 is a band in constant progression and that’s definitely an aspect I like and fully support. This artist is not emulating his previous work, but likes to look forward by experimenting and elaborating new ideas. This album is a very efficient merge between different electronic styles like dark-electro, EBM and future-pop, but it also reveals a mature sound writing. Next to the carrying melody lines I also like the global sound production. This is the kind of work that might appeal to different electronic lovers. Among the remixes I especially like the one of “Erase My Heart” by [SITD] .

– – – : ES23 is maybe sitting in between two chairs; the music genre is not 100% clear, but rather a hybrid between different genres. It might become too dark and hard for electro-pop fans and too melodic for (h)el(l)ectro lovers.

Conclusion: The least I can say is that Daniel Pad is an intriguing sound architect who seems to construct sonic bridges between different genres. I think his work has enough potential to bring fans from different genres together and make them dance!

Best songs: “Get Out Of My Head”, “Destiny”, “Error”, “Erase My Heart”.

Rate: (8).


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