Electronikboy – Short Circuit (DCD Album – ScentAir Records)

By Mar 24,2019

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Genre/Influences: Electro-pop, dance-pop.

Background/Info: Electronikboy originally started as a duo and have been joined later on by a third member. The Spanish formation is composing their music through the net and gained some international recognition in different countries such as Japan, Mexico, USA and Russia where their latest opus got released.

Content: The songs of Electronikboy are clearly inspired by electro-pop and dance-pop music. The songs –by the exception of the last track, have been sung in Spanish. “Et On Parle” has been sung in French revealing a funny accent. That’s an interesting aspect as previous album were sung in French. The songs are melodic, danceable and mainly revealing a kind of ‘feel good’ sensation.

The bonus disc features 12 remixes by bands such as Experimental Feelings, La Suite Bizarre, Bolmer, Mist3ryfly, 3PO, Jet7, Cyborgdrive, Victor Lafreak, Jota M, Gekkan Probowler and Lifelong Corporation(2 remixes). We here get some technoid versions while the ‘pop’ touch remains very present.

+ + + : I perfectly understand why Electronikboy got some international recognition –even if it’s not in all countries. The sound might be electro-dance-pop and sometimes a bit on the edge of commercial music, but it also reflects a real sound intelligence while it remains perfect music to dance on. There are some cool vintage leads and sound effects running through the compositions. Last, but not least the work reveals several attention grabbers such as “Error Gramatical”, “Biblioteca Nocturna”, “Abrir Cerrar” and “Es Nuestro Xanadu”.

The bonus disc reveals several great remixes and I here want to mention the remix of “Error Gramatical” by Experimental Feelings, Me Entiendes” remixed by Gekkan Probowler and the somewhat electroclash remix of “Fuego Y Acero” by La Suite Bizarre.

– – – :
You sometimes can get the impression they’re going too far in the commercial approach, but in the end it never really happened. A little bit more passion in some of the vocal lines would be a little extra.

Conclusion: Electronikboy has something kitsch-like, but it also sounds danceable and getting people happy. This is a cool work.

Best songs: “Error Gramatical”, “Biblioteca Nocturna”, “Es Nuestra Xanadu”, “Abrir Cerrar”, “Et On Parle” + “Error Gramatical – Experimental Feelings Remix”, “Me Entiendes – Gekkan Probowler Remix”, “Fuego Y Acero – La Suite Bizarre Remix”.

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