Egoist – Breaking Moment (Album – Aliens Production)

By Sep 18,2020

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Genre/Influences: EBM.

Format: Digital.

Background/Info: Egoist is a polish solo-project set up in 2002 by Kuba Włodarski. He released a demo entitled “Breaking Moment” in 2004 featuring five songs plus a remix he made for Controlled Collapse. Aliens Production now released “Breaking Moment” as an album featuring next to the five original songs six more songs.

Content: From the very first notes and arrangements you clearly can hear where this band found its inspiration. This is an emulation of Frontline Assembly. The sphere and the way the songs have been composed are directly reminding me of the Canadian formation led by Bill Leeb. Even the production of the vocals has this ghost-like touch reminding me of Frontline Assembly during the early 90s period.

+ + + : This is EBM for fine tasters and especially FLA lovers. Okay, this is not FLA, but the way Egoist elaborated its composition is absolutely impressive. This is intelligent EBM made with solid bass lines, haunting atmospheres, great sound effects and danceable rhythms. The whispering vocals’ production is totally matching with this music. “Century Of Sorrow” and “Wishlist” both are my personal favorites, but I also have to mention “Remake” for its brilliant instrumental passage.

– – – : The point with such a production and especially when it all sounds that close to a giant as Frontline Assembly, is that you’ll have to admit there’s only one FLA while all copyists are remaining in the shadows.

Conclusion: Egoist brings no originality and clearly sounds as a FLA-copy, but it’s a damned great one.

Best songs: “Century Of Sorrow”, “Wishlist”, “Remake”, “Fallen”, “Melting Point”.

Rate: (7½).


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