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Die Krupps frontman Jürgen Engler launches EBM-only project Die Robo Sapiens – watch the video announcement + listen to first song

Those who follow Die Krupps on Facebook had a very nice EBM-day surprise as the band’s frontman Jürgen Engler did a live videocast at 11.59 AM to announce an all new EBM-only project Die Robo Sapiens (you can find them here on Facebook). The team behind Die Robo Sapiens consists of Jürgen Engler, Ralf Dörper and Marcel Zürcher and the project has signed to the Belgian electro / industrial label Alfa Matrix.

This new band is essentially the “all Electro” Die Krupps

The band’s Jürgen Engler now explains the reason for launching this project: “We always end up with some tracks that are not guitar compatible when writing Die Krupps material, so I decided we needed another outlet for all the Electro songs and keep the more metal songs for Die Krupps! That’s how Die Robo Sapiens was born. This new band is essentially the “all Electro” Die Krupps… It was a logical move… And since one of Die Krupps’ most recent and biggest hits was “Robo Sapien”, we thought it sounded perfect as a band name…”

A first EP is being planned for release later this Spring. You can watch the video message below to hear a first preview of the track “Teufelkreis”.

For Die Krupps fans, don’t forget that the band is seeing its back catalogue reissued on vinyl, you can get your copies right here.