Depeche Mode’s Martin Gore launches new solo track ‘Mandrill’ ahead of new instrumental EP ‘The Third Chimpanzee’ (Out January 29)

By Nov 17,2020

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Depeche Mode's Martin Gore launches new solo track'Mandrill' ahead of new instrumental EP'The Third Chimpanzee' (Out January 29)

(Photo by Travis Shinn) Five years after the instrumental album “MG” Martin Gore is back with some more solo material, but if you had hoped to hear his voice on the new material then you’ll be (again?) be disappointed.

The songwriter and founding member of Depeche Mode, today released “Mandrill”, an instrumental taken from the forthcoming 5-track instrumental EP, “The Third Chimpanzee”, out January 29. “Mandrill” was produced and written by Martin and recorded this year at Electric Ladyboy in Santa Barbara, California. You can listen to it below, but we honestly didn’t get excited y what we heard.

Martin Gore: “The first track I recorded had a sound that wasn’t human, it sounded primate-like. I decided to name it “Howler”, after a monkey. Then, when it came time to name the EP, I remembered reading the book “The Rise and Fall of the Third Chimpanzee”. It all made sense to call it that, as the EP was made by one of the third chimpanzees.”

Check out “Mandrill” for yourself.

“The Third Chimpanzee” EP Tracklisting

  1. Howler
  2. Mandrill
  3. Capuchin
  4. Vervet
  5. Howler’s End

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