Depeche Mode synths mounted as a single instrument – Neikka RPM reports

By Apr 23,2019

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The hidden treasures from Depeche Mode on YouTube

A large crowd was gathered in front of New York’s famous Metropolitan Museum of Art for last week’s opening of the Play It Loud Instruments of Rock & Roll.

The exhibit, co-curated by the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame and the Metropolitan Museum of Art, offers an amazing collection of instruments that helped shape the history of music. Among the collection was a unique piece of equipment (three ARP 2600 model synthesizers mounted together as a single instrument) used by Depeche Mode on the albums, “Songs of Faith and Devotion” (1993), “Ultra” (1997), and “Exciter” (2001).

Richard from the NY based Industrial N’ Beats act, Neikka RPM, was a guest at the event and reported to us that the exhibit was literally mind-blowing: “I just stared at the Depeche Mode synth rig, I examined it from top to bottom while the very songs it was used to create ran through my mind. I know I’m being over dramatic, but damn! It was like being completely awestruck by a religious relic!”

Neikka RPM are at the moment in the studio completing their much anticipated new album after completing a cover of the Depeche Mode song “More than a party”.

You can check out the complete Depeche Mode cover album right below.


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