Deathline International – Spin Zone II (EP – Distortion Productions / COP International)

By Aug 26,2020

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Genre/Influences: Industrial, crossover.

Format: Digital, CD.

Background/Info: American formation deathline International gained a serious reputation during the 90s. I honestly didn’t know the band was still active, but I noticed they’re active again for a few years and have just released a single, which is a cover version of The Exploited’s “Troops Of Tomorrow”. This EP was released earlier this year and moves back to a song originally released in 2018 on the EP “Lip Service”.

Content: “Lip Service” has been exposed to the remixing skills of Solemn Assembly, 16 Volt, Tragic Impulse, GW4, Stoneburner and Red Lokust. The artists are rather diversified, which also resulted in a very varied work. From the future-pop like remix by Solemn Assembly to the darker electro approach of Tragic Impulse to the industrial driven remixes by 16 Volt and Stoneburner to the experimental approach of GW4 and a final dark-electro edit by Red Lokust, “Spin Zone” has been sonically re-adapted into something new.

+ + + : I have to say the future-pop driven remix by Solemn Assembly (a band from Texas, USA) is absolutely great; this is ‘the’ club edit of the EP. Another noticeable remix is the one made Tragic Impulse, which is a project I’ve always liked for its simplicity versus efficiency. Red Lokust did a cool job as well so in the end I’ve to say the electronic inspired remixes are definitely the best ones.

– – – : I honestly expected a bit more from the remixes by Stoneburner and 16 Volt. It could have been an idea to put the original song back on this record as well.

Conclusion: Deathline International is alive although on this EP the band is kicking thanks to some noticeable remixes from other artists.

Best songs: “Spin Zone – Solemn Assembly Remix”, “Spin Zone – Tragic Impulse Remix”, “Spin Zone – Red Lokust Remix”,

Rate: (7).


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