Culturual impact of Nine Inch Nails’ album ‘The Downward Spiral’ dissected in new book ‘Into The Never’

By Aug 5,2020

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Culturual impact of Nine Inch Nails' album'The Downward Spiral' dissected in new book'Into The Never'

Out since a while (available right here on amazon) but not known to every Nine Inch Nails fan due to the corona crisis is the book “Into The Never: Nine Inch Nails & The Downward Spiral”.

The book is a deep dive into the cultural impact of the 1994 album and where it sits within NIN’s overall discography. The book itself features new interviews with collaborators and artists inspired by the album setting “The Downward Spiral” in the context of music of the era and brings the story up to date, from Reznor’s recovery to his reinvention as an Oscar-winning soundtrack artist.

The book was written by UK-based writer Adam Steiner (who studied philosophy at the University of Aberdeen) and was published by Backbeat Books. It’s Steiner’s second book, his first novel was “Politics of the Asylum” (out via Urbane Publications).

You can order it right here on amazon.


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