Culture Kultür – Humanity (CD Album Caustic Records)

By Mar 5,2019

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Genre/Influences: Electro-pop, future-pop, wave-pop.

Background/Info: Hailing from the beautiful Malaga (Spain) and set up in 1992 by Josua Clotet and Salva Maine, Culture Kultür became a recognized electro-pop formation. They released their work on Out Of Line and Caustic Records. After the “Spirit”-album released in 2010 it all seemed that the band disappeared from the radar. But now, nine years later they’re back on track unleashing this new work featuring 13 new tracks.

Content: If you’re familiar with the music of Culture Kultür, “Humanity” will not have that many surprises for you. It’s a well-crafted composition carried by melodic leads and danceable rhythms. Some tracks are definitely holding on to future-pop influences and might appeal to fans of Assemblage 23 while other and somewhat darker cuts make me thing to a 100% edit of Diary Of Dreams. The album clearly deals with serious themes although the music will give you a ‘feel good’ sensation.

+ + + : One of the main things about this work is the comeback of this formation, which might be considered as one of the most successful Spanish electro-pop bands. Sound-wise the duo illustrates great skills in composing efficient melodies and carrying melodies. Salva Maine is also a talented singer. This work doesn’t really feel like Culture Kultür has disappeared for years. It’s a refreshing piece of danceable music. 

– – – : Time didn’t really affect the sound and influences of the band. I should think it rather appears to be a positive point, but at the other side the work doesn’t clearly innovate.

Conclusion: Culture Kultür makes me think of my favorite meal: you know what you get, it’s a bit predictable, but you’re looking forward to hear it.

Best songs: “Refugee”, “Keep Yourself Alive”, “The Sun Is My Heart”, “Broken World”.

Rate: (8).

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