Corde Oblique – The Moon Is A Dry Bone (Album – Dark Vinyl Records)

By Jun 28,2020

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Genre/Influences: Ethereal, chanson, folk, neo-classic.

Format: Digital, CD.

Background/Info: This is the seventh full length album by the Italian collective set up and driven by Riccardo Prencipe. The project gained recognition by their early production released on the French label Prikosnovénie. This is the band’s second album released on Dark Vinyl and featuring ten unreleased songs plus a cover version of Anathema.

Content: The style and influences featured at “The Moon Is A dry Bone” haven’t that changed all over the years. Corde Oblique remains a kind of music poetry, which is hard to label, but clearly resulting from different music influences. The Italian language is not always easy to understand what the lyrics are dealing about, but you can feel some little stories driven by the magic of music. The use of authentic/acoustic instruments has always been important in the work of the band and it’s not that different for their new work. Male- and female vocals are mainly alternating, but sometimes also come together. 

+ + + : The main strength of this album remains its authenticity. Those’s because of the use and play of acoustic instruments injecting this folk-like touch. They call it a mix of folk and shoegaze, but it first of all says something about the creative and original approach of the band. I still like the female vocal for their ethereal touch, which reminds me of some great other formations on Prikosnovénie. Corde Oblique is pure reverie emerging from the beauty of their songs. I also have to say a word about the remarkable transformation of Anathema’s “Temporary Peace” into a cover version filled with passion and the grace of female vocals.

– – – : I noticed a few parts, which make me think to a kind of improvisation or free styled jam session. Quite curiously that’s what the title song made me feel. So this is not my favorite cut from this album.

Conclusion: Corde Oblique remains a warrant for graceful and artistic music creation. The music remains hard to label, but easy to love!

Best songs: “La Grandi Anime”, “Temporary Peace”, “La Strada”, “Almost Blue II”.

Rate: (7½).


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