Collection D’Arnell-Andrea – A Recrafted Winter (CD Album – Trisol)

By Dec 30,2019

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Genre/Influences: Gothic, dark-wave.

Background/Info: Early 2019 Collection D’Arnell-Andrea unleashed their tenth full length album. This work became the symbol of the French formation’s resurrection after a ‘studio-absence’ of nearly ten years while it also is the first work they released on Trisol. The end of the year is pretty close now and they again took us by surprise revisiting “Another Winter” with a total ‘make-over’ of the original songs.

Content: This ‘recrafted’ album features all the songs from the original album. Except one song that has been remastered (cf. “By The Pond”) all the other cuts have been reworked. The main difference with the original versions is the electronic boost these versions got. It creates a different approach although you’ll easily recognize the typical dark- and melancholic flavor of the band. It all feels a bit like Collection D’Arnell-Andrea wanted to inject some electronic modernism into their work.

+ + + : What I especially like in this kind of ‘concept’, is that the band made the choice to remix all songs themselves. It would have been easier to ask other formations for the usual and often ‘cheap’ formula to get remixed. But Collection D’Arnell-Andrea did it the opposite way, achieving a work, which sounds a bit ‘out of the box’, but still features several attention grabbers. “Le Jour Venu” remains a beautiful song, but quite curiously I prefer the ‘recrafted version’ of “Saules Sans Voix” to the original edit. Another song that remains an attention grabber is “Les Blés-Océans”. This work is definitely more electro-like and will possibly touch a different audience, but it’s still melancholic because of the melancholic atmospheres and still touched by the graceful singing of Chloé St. Liphard.

– – – : I definitely prefer the original album for its authenticity, which is now a bit lost. It’s a crazy challenge and I’m really wondering why they choose to rework their songs into electronic versions instead of a (neo)-classical interpretation.

Conclusion: This album is meant as a sister-release to “Another Winter” and also confirms this legendary formation is alive and kicking!

Best songs: “Le Jour Venu – Recrafted Version”, “Saules Sans Voix – Recrafted Version”, “Les Blés-Océans – Recrafted Version”, “The Grief Of Waves – Recrafted Version”.

Rate: (8).

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