ASP – Kosmonautilus (DCD Album – Gothic Novel Rock Records / Trisol)

By Dec 30,2019

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Genre/Influences: Goth-metal, dark-rock.

Background/Info: I realized ASP –originally set up and driven by Alexander Spreng, this year celebrates its 20th anniversary. “Kosmonautilus” is the band’s newest work featuring fourteen new songs plus an extra disc with nine more songs. 

Content: ASP is not only one of Trisol’s flag holders; it’ll but also a renowned band in Germany entering the national charts. This new opus features all familiar ingredients the band is used to composing:: a perfect twist between dark-rock-, gothic- and metal music with electronic arrangements on top. The songs are still sung in German, but the final track of the regular disc ends with a song in English (cf. “Bones”). The songs are powerful and always melodic.

The second disc opens with 5 live songs –recorded at different German venues. We next get some ‘alternative’ edits and one extra song (cf. “Nessaja”).

+ + + : The first noticeable aspect of the album is the artwork. It’s a trademark from Trisol, but it also is a way to catch the attention of ASP’s numerous fans. Next there’s the content and even if ASP remains a pure German thing, the sound is absolutely worthy of examination. ASP sounds powerful, driven by furious guitar parts and some solo passages, but also characterized by elevating and melodic choruses. This is for sure one of the band’s main strengths and an aspect that comes particularly through on “Kosmonautilus”. ASP also remains a great live formation? like illustrated at the live songs from the 2nd disc; there’s a strong bond between the band and its fans.

– – – : All the songs can’t convince me, but “Kosmonautilus” is a great opus. I regret this band never considered making an album entirely sung in English. I’m sure they have  a real potential to break through internationally while they now only remain famous in Germany.

Conclusion: I totally understand ASP has a status of leading formation in their homeland, but I would be really wondering about their potential success outside the German borders. I think they have  the talent to conquer international scenes!

Best songs: “Rückfall”, “Phragmonkontrolle”, “Kosmonautilus”, “Bones”, “Morgengrauen Irgendwo” + “Zutiefst… Live in Oberhausen”.

Rate: (8).

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