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Coca-Cola FIFA World Cup Song

By May 4,2018

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Coca-Cola is one of the biggest brands on the international stage. Therefore it is only fitting that they partner with the World’s biggest sports tournament, the FIFA World Cup. The only other event that has more viewers are the Olympic Games.

Over the years many artists have been selected by the mega brand to compose and perform the song that will be the soundtrack to the Coke FIFA World Cup campaign. Being selected to be the voice of the beverage manufacturer is indeed a big honour. Of course, the honour comes with a lot of real money just like at top casinos.

There are times that the artists are inspired and come with unique and original songs. However, there are times when the artists are inspired by another artist’s work. This has happened on several occasions in the past.

Copyright Laws

These are laws that are supposed to protect an artist’s work. Usually, they work and the benefit the person who originally comes up with a piece. This happened to be the case for an African Boy. His song got famous and he got a life-changing settlement.

A True World Cup Winner With Coca-Cola

Shakira is one of the most electrifying performers in the music industry. Her sultry voice and her well-choreographed dance moves have made her an international music diva.

The “Hips Don’t Lie” hitmaker got the job of coming up with a song for the FIFA World Cup In 2010. In her song “it’s time for Africa” she used music from a young African Artist. The little boy’s song which had the Waka Waka tune had failed to get any reasonable airplay in his home country.

Shakira used the music and created a hit. The little boy who helped create the beautiful song received a large amount of money for his contribution. But not before he used the copyright laws to get recognition for his work. Although in reality, it was just as good as winning an online pokies jackpot. The odds of getting your song copied by an international start for such a big project are slim.


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