Clarice Jensen – For This From That Will Be Filled (CD Album – Miasmah)

By Aug 21,2018

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Genre/Influences: Cinematographic, neo-classic.

Background/Info: This is the solo-debut of American musician Clarice Jensen. She’s a cellist, composer, and artistic director of the American Contemporary Music Ensemble (ACME). This album features 4 tracks and is part of an audio-visual work she did together with Jonathan Turner.

Content: The album reveals the music contribution of Clarice Jensen and the least I can say is that she has a very experimental approach of playing and manipulating the cello on this work. You recognize the deep and melancholic tones of the cello, but they’ve been mixed by electronics and manipulated by numerous effects. In the end it all sounds as an offspring between typical ‘classical’ cello music and pure experimentalism.

+ + + : It’s interesting to see how a classically trained cellist takes some distance from the classical music paths to experiment with a kind of abstract sound approach. It creates a wider dimension, which is however intimate and sober. You clearly feel a strong visual appeal behind this work. Globally speaking I like the darkness hanging over this work.

– – – : Without the visual part of this concept, you quickly get the impression that there’s something missing. When I heard the album I didn’t know it was part of a wider artistic collaboration, but it becomes rapidly evident. Some passages are now a little less long during and monotonous.

Conclusion: I think you have to discover this kind of concepts for their entity: music and visuals. I only got the first part, which sounds like a lonely soul in search of the other part.

Best songs: “Bc”.

Rate: (6½).

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