Chorea Minor – Black White Moon (Album – Echozone)

By Jun 11,2020

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Genre/Influences: Electro-ambient, ambient-pop, cinematographic.

Format: Digital, DCD.

Background/Info: Chorea Minor is a German project driven by Mario Braun. He got involved with different projects and is already active since the 90s. Back in the 90s Chorea Minor released two albums together with Hekate. “Black White Moon” in a way is a kind of comeback featuring two albums with six songs on each disc. 

Content: Let’s start with “Black” featuring six songs and revealing a truly original sound. The songs are the apotheosis between elements of pop and ambient music driven by electronics. The vocals are half spoken-like. The songs have something danceable, melodic and refined. You’ll also notice some ethereal-like female chant fragments reinforcing the feeling of reverie. The album is called “Black” because it explores the darker sides of the human soul. This album has been produced by Krischan J.E. Wesenberg.

The other album entitled “White” features six more songs produced by Patrick Damiani (ex-Rome). We here get a different approach and very different influences. The music in a way remains driven by ambient elements, but it all moves towards an explicit cinematographic approach. That’s why the songs are mainly instrumentals except some passages with chants. “Another Kind” therefore reminds me a bit of Delirium. These tracks are also more orchestral-like.

+ + + : “Black” features 6 exceptional cuts. Chorea Minor reveals a great and creative sound, mixing different elements together, which are mainly centered on ambient, pop and electro. I also like the way the vocals have been produced. It all sounds atypical and miles away from the familiar electro-pop standards. I’ve been also impressed by the kind of heavenly strings while the female chants inject an elevating touch to the work. The “White”-disc is totally different and less my cup of tea. But I’ve to admit “Another Kind” is a cool song as well. Last, but not least I also have to say a word about the sober, but artistic digipak format of this album.

– – – : I’m less convinced by the “White”-CD, which sounds like having been written by another artist.

Conclusion: “Black White Moon” is a double album revealing two different faces from one artist. The “Black”-record took me by surprise from start till finish; it’s such a creative piece of modern electronic music I can only, but highly recommend.

Best songs: “Fireroller”, “Sleepless”, “Living Only Twice”, “Trickle Of Life” + “Another Kind”.

Rate: (8).

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