Les Anges De La Nuit – The Witch (Album – Echozone)

By Jun 12,2020

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Genre/Influences: Electro-pop, wave-pop, future-pop.

Format: Digital, CD.

Background/Info: Les Anges De La Nuit are back into business, unleashing their fifth full length album to date. Both debut albums were released by Infacted Recordings while the next two were self-released (Static Cold Media). “The Witch” got preceded by two singles (cf. “The Witch” and “Voyage”).

Content: Les Anges De La Nuit always has composed a very melancholic kind of electro/wave pop music. The new work is not that different and sounds as a continuation of their previous full length (cf. “Darkness Looms”). You get a rather melancholic electro composition driven by a boosting kick and supported by strings. The vocals are again sung in French- and English.

The work features 10 songs plus 2 remixes by Antiflvx and Elmodic plus 2 alternative edits from songs featured on the previous album (including a new edit of the successful “Cette Jolie Brune”).

+ + + : Les Anges De La Nuit remains a band with a very particular- and easy recognizable sound. We definitely can speak about a proper sound-DNA, which together with the multiple songs sung in French brings something extra to their works. I like this fusion between electro/wave pop and the harder beats of the future-pop genre. Both ‘new’ edits of the ‘older’ songs “Cette Jolie Brune” and “Ma Folie” both belong to the highlights of this work. 

– – – : As I said this band has a very own sound, but the point is that the sound formula hasn’t really changed over the years. The songs are pretty similar and became rapidly predictable. This band remains an interesting experience, but I expected a little extra, which this album doesn’t bring!

Conclusion: “The Witch” is a fully enjoyable work although I get the feeling the band switched on the automatic pilot modus.

Best songs: “Ma Folie – Video Edit”, “Cette Jolie Brune – Edited Version”, “Trois Points De Suture”, “The Witch”, “One Thousand Crazy Lies”.

Rate: (7).

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