CattaC – Filthy Tendrils (Album – DarkTunes Music Group)

By Mar 21,2021

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Genre/Influences: EBM, Industrial.

Format: Digital.

Background/Info: “Filthy Tendrils” is the third full length album by German CattaC. The work was released during the pandemic, which also meant they had to cancel a tour.

Content: The work takes off with the title song, which is a kind of intro. Quite progressively CaddaC reveals a particular EBM format, which has something minimal, carried by retro leads and led by deeply, cavernous vocals. They suddenly bring a cover version of Type O Negative’s “Bloody Kisses”, which also reveals an ultra-dark and doom-like approach. The next song sounds pretty similar, but they rapidly move back into dark EBM. The album features 8 songs plus 3 remixes. Among the remixes there’s one remix of Defiant Machines –which was featured with a remix on both debut albums as well, plus a remix of a song from the debut album by Chapter 11.

+ + + : CattaC mixes retro elements with something very personal, creating a surprising, but efficient EBM sound. The singer’s particular, deep timbre of voice accentuates the atypical approach of the band. CattaC mixes different ideas together and this open-minded vision brings them to explore unexpected genres as well. The Electro-driven songs are however the most convincing ones. “My Stormy Moon”, “Wintercold”, “They’re Watching Us” and “She’s The Devil” are excellent exponents of the work. I also have to mention the more melodic remix of “The Blackest One”.

– – – : The cover version of Type O Negative and “I’m Here For You” both are into a less inspired and less efficient Goth-Industrial approach. The tenebrous production of the vocals has something cool, but unfortunately a bit monotone after a while. 

Conclusion: Globally speaking this new work by CaddaC is an excellent surprise. It sounds like EBM out of the box!

Best songs: “Wintercold”, “My Stormy Moon”, “They’re Watching Us”, “She’s The Devil”.

Rate: (7½).

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