July 9, 2024

5 Best Sites to Buy Facebook Followers (Cheap and 5 Stars)

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When your Facebook journey gets challenging, don’t feel discouraged. Yes, there are many content creators and profiles competing for the crown, but the summit is vast, and you can fit in with the right strategy. So, if you’re already doing your best to improve the quality of your content, posting regularly, and communicating with your audience, and still feel that your hard work doesn’t pay off, we have an excellent solution. You can simply buy Facebook followers to boost your engagement and take your journey to the next step.

If you don’t know where to begin, we’ve compiled a comprehensive list where you can find and compare trustworthy service providers offering 100% real and fast service and active Facebook followers. As long as you complete the purchase process, you will start receiving your followers within a short period of time. Real people will interact with your content to enhance your impressions, which will help you create an organic growth cycle. 


If we’re making an all-time favorite list, InstaFollowers just has to be there. Offering high-quality Facebook followers at affordable prices, InstaFollowers makes sure that you promote your account 100% real and fast. Plus, there are no security risks for you to consider since you don’t need to share your personal information or password to proceed. Only your Facebook page or profile link is enough to buy Facebook followers from InstaFollowers. Then, you can enjoy your instant growth while real people interact with your content to promote your account. As you can see, the process is quite simple and straightforward, even for a beginner. 


We have briefly mentioned the advantages of InstaFollowers, but let’s go into detail:

  • First and foremost, InstaFollowers is reknowned for its 100% safe service and requires no password or personal information to operate. So, if you don’t want to buy Facebook followers due to security concerns, you’re in good hands. 
  • InstaFollowers offers two options: real and regular followers. Based on your budget, goal,   and preferences, you can go for the most suitable option for you.
  • When it comes to affordability, InstaFollowers remains favorable because there are profitable discounts you can use. As the package volume increases, the discount rate goes up.
  • You can see the estimated delivery time when you decide on your package, which makes order tracking easier. 
  • If the order exceeds the estimated timeframe, you can contact customer support to request your money back. 
  • Speaking of assistance, there is a 7/24 available support team you can reach out to for your inquiries. You can find the live support feature at the bottom right of the page. 
  • InstaFollowers offers a free refill guarantee within six months of purchase so that you can have your money’s worth without any risk of decrease. 
  • InstaFollowers uses worldwide known secure payment methods to ensure safe transactions.  


Below, you can check the potential disadvantages of InstaFollowers’ “buy Facebook followers” offer:

  • InstaFollowers only refunds the failed or delayed deliveries, which means that you’re not eligible for a refund if you change your mind. Therefore, if you plan to buy Facebook followers from InstaFollowers, make sure your decision is final.


Users do not simply choose InstaFollowers to buy Facebook followers because it’s fast and organic. InstaFollowers is also a favorable option because it’s affordable. Especially if you’re a fresh beginner on Facebook or you don’t have a separate budget that you can invest in Facebook services, InstaFollowers’ reasonable prices come to save you.

Besides, you can even use discounts because each package is on sale except for the starter one. The cool thing is that the discount rate goes up as the package volume increases. For instance, if you would like to give it a try, the regular starter package costs $0.98 for 100 followers, while you need to pay $3.90 for the same package if you opt for the real option. However, the recommended regular package offers 1000 followers, and it only costs $9 at 8% off. The recommended real package consists of 250 followers, costing $8.20 with 15% off.

Delivery Time

We know how excited you are when you buy Facebook followers to boost your engagement. The order comes with expectations, and you can barely wait to see your numbers grow. For this reason, order tracking can be challenging sometimes. However, when it comes to InstaFollowers, you are free from the burden of prolonged waiting. As long as you place your order, it starts to be processed, and you can even see how long you need to wait to receive your followers.

Moreover, for orders that take longer than anticipated or more than three days at most, you can contact customer support to request your money back.

Customer Feedback

You can read pages of advertising for a service, but nothing can replace an honest, real-life customer review. Reading customer feedback gives you insight into the service and helps you understand what to expect, focus, or avoid. For this reason, InstaFollowers also cares about customer feedback and has a special section for it where customers can rate the service and share their brief reviews.

Thanks to this feature, you can learn from past experiences and adjust your order accordingly if you prefer. In fact, the customer review section is as helpful and essential as the customer support channel in terms of user-friendliness.


If you seek another alternative where you can buy Facebook followers to interact with your account, we have another great option. Sidesmedia offers a 100% safe experience to boost your follower count. The service is renowned for being fast and organic, and you only receive active and real people as new followers. There are no bots or fake accounts included, which means that you don’t need to worry about any security risks. While algorithms can detect fake activity provided by bots, your new followers are active people who genuinely interact with your content. Therefore, you can consider it as adding new members to your community who are eagerly waiting for your new content.


Here are the primary advantages of buying Facebook followers via Sidesmedia services:

  • You have the option to choose between high-quality and premium followers based on your preference and budget.
  • When you buy Facebook followers from Sidesmedia, you are promised a 30-day refill guarantee. So, if you observe any decrease in your follower count after a month of your purchase, you can directly and effortlessly reach out to the customer support team to request a free refill. 
  • Sidesmedia strives to provide swift delivery because they don’t like making their customers wait in expectation. So, basically, they mean it when they say fast and organic growth.
  • Sidesmedia offers a 7/24 available customer support team to assist you with your possible inquiries and questions.


Below are the potential disadvantages of buying Facebook followers using Sidesmedia:

  • Unfortunately, if you specifically prefer a certain payment method, you need to contact Sidesmedia’s customer support first. Sidesmedia doesn’t clearly specify its available payment methods, which could be considered a drawback.
  • Sidesmedia is famous for providing premium followers, and its quality is proven. Nonetheless, the pricing remains considerably higher than its alternatives in the market. Basically, if you’re especially looking for an affordable service with low prices, make sure you thoroughly check Sidesmedia’s pricing before you buy Facebook followers from Sidesmedia.


Considering that buying Facebook followers is a paid service, it’s understandable that users seek cost-effective service providers to boost their accounts. Not every user gains an income through their Facebook profile, and even if they do, users might not spend a great deal of money to enhance their follower count. So, pricing is as crucial as quality when choosing a service provider.

Well, Sidesmedia might not offer the most affordable prices at this point, but if you don’t have budget-related concerns, you can rely on it to boost your account with real people. There are two different options, “high-quality” and “premium,” so you pay different amounts for the same quantity based on your preference. For instance, 100 high-quality Facebook followers cost $6.50. However, if you order 100 premium Facebook followers, the total amount is $8.77. Moreover, there are special offers for each package you can benefit from.

Delivery Time

Sidesmedia prioritizes fast delivery since customers aim for quick results and improvements when they buy Facebook followers. So, the delivery period is reasonable and short, as Sidesmedia claims. Checkout only lasts around one minute, and then your order is immediately processed.

Nonetheless, if you need concrete numbers or a binding delivery date, unfortunately, Sidesmedia doesn’t specify an exact deadline. We know that waiting could be challenging; however, please keep in mind that Sidesmedia strives to live up to customer expectations by keeping the delivery date as short as possible.

Customer Feedback

Reading customer reviews could affect your final decision or cause you to change your mind. What sounds perfectly well in theory might turn out to be a failure in practice. Therefore, customer feedback is essential since it provides real-life experience.

If you’re interested in hearing honest opinions from real people, Sidesmedia has you covered with its “Reviews & Testimonials” section. Customer feedback at the very bottom of the page allows you to evaluate expectations and reality.


Your follower count is the direct indicator of your popularity, reach, and impact on the platform for almost every user. If you have a considerable amount of followers, it implies that you are worth following. Quite the opposite, if your follower count is barely impressive, it suggests that people do not miss out on much by not following you.

So, that being the case, you totally reshape the first impression you have on people when you buy Facebook followers. Namely, you can even convince people to become your dedicated followers with your boosted fast and organic engagement.


Below, you can see the benefits of buying Facebook followers from Popularitybazaar:

  • Popularitybazaar doesn’t rely on bots or fake accounts to boost your followers. Your new followers are 100% real people who actively engage with your account.
  • Popularitybazaar claims to provide instant delivery. So, you can expect your new followers to arrive shortly after you complete the purchase process.
  • Popularitybazaar guarantees that you will be satisfied with the results. However, suppose you think otherwise once your followers arrive or there’s an error with the delivery. In that case, you are free to contact Popularitybazaar’s customer support to get a replacement or have your money back.
  • Popularitybazaar is always there and available for you. The dedicated customer support team is available 7/24, ready to assist you with any inquiries or concerns, ensuring you are supported every step of the way.


Now, let’s discuss the disadvantages of Popularitybazaar’s “buy Facebook followers” service:

  • The service is 100% real and fast, meaning you don’t need to wait long to receive your followers. Nevertheless, Popularitybazaar doesn’t clearly set a deadline for when to expect your new followers to pop up. 
  • If you need high volumes, you must carefully consider before you buy Facebook followers from Popularitybazaar. The maximum amount you can purchase at once is 10,000 followers. You can consider it a disadvantage if you need large quantities, but keep in mind that you can order as many times as you require. Plus, it’s better to grow gradually.


Popularitybazaar offers a balanced option for those seeking affordable pricing from a service provider. It strikes a good balance between being neither too cheap nor too expensive. Additionally, discounts are available even for the starter package. Therefore, if you aim to maintain quality and security without breaking the bank, Popularitybazaar is a viable choice.

Here’s a quick overview of their pricing: The starter package provides 100 followers for just $2.99. The recommended package gives you 250 followers for $5.99. For those who want to make a big impact, the largest package includes a massive 10,000 followers at a cost of $119.99, giving you a significant boost to your Facebook presence.

Delivery Time

Popularitybazaar doesn’t give an exact timeframe for informing customers when to expect their orders. However, as soon as you’re done with the purchase, the automatic system starts processing and sending your followers. Since the service is 100% real and fast, you don’t need to wait long before you start receiving your brand-new followers.

Buying Facebook followers is an instant and effective way of boosting your impressions. Therefore, Popularitybazaar focuses on making the delivery time as short as possible.

Customer Feedback

Checking ratings and feedback before committing to a service is always a brilliant idea. What a customer says could completely change your mind. Also, leaving room for customer reviews means that a service provider trusts its service and values customer opinions. Popularitybazaar has a whole separate section dedicated to customer reviews.

If you’re wondering, the overall rating is 4.9/5, which is a wonderful score. If you happen to buy Facebook followers from Popularitybazaar, you can read reviews from real people and submit your own evaluation.


Growing your Facebook account or page is a goal on its own. However, the real aim should be managing organic growth if you want long-term success. You might be wondering whether organic growth is possible if you buy Facebook followers. Well, the answer might surprise you a little because it is!

Buyrealfollows sends active accounts and real people as new followers to ensure fast and organic growth. Consequently, you can experience 100% real and fast in an instant when you choose to buy Facebook followers from Buyrealfollows.


Here are the prominent benefits of Buyrealfollows’ “buy Facebook followers” service: 

  • You can experience the speed of Buyrealfollows’ service. Your orders are delivered within 24-72 hours, ensuring you get your 100% real and fast followers in no time.
  • Buyrealfollows values your privacy. It just asks for your email and profile or page link to proceed. It doesn’t demand your personal information or account password to deliver your new followers.
  • If you want some extras or reassurance, just in case, you’re in safe hands. Buyrealfollows always delivers more than you have purchased, just in case your follower count drops.
  • If you have extra questions or require assistance, contact Buyrealfollows’ 7/24 customer support team directly. 
  • Buyrealfollows allows you to pay via MasterCard, Bitcoin, Discover Network, American Express, and Visa. 


Here are the potential weaknesses of Buyrealfollows’ service:

  • If you are not happy with the service for any reason, you cannot request a refund for successfully delivered orders. Therefore, we recommend considering this carefully before placing an order.
  • Unfortunately, Buyrealfollows does not currently offer special discounts for cost-effective solutions or bulk orders. However, the prices are reasonable, and you can check Buyrealfollows’ website for the latest pricing and deals.


Fast and organic growth is appealing and all, but there are other factors to consider when you buy Facebook followers. After all, it’s a paid service, and pricing is a key consideration when selecting yourself a service provider. While Buyrealfollows does not offer special discounts on its packages, we can still safely say they are reasonably priced. For example, you can buy the starter package for $9, which includes 500 followers. Plus, the cost becomes more economical with larger volumes, with 1,000 followers priced at $15. So you can adjust this according to your needs.

If you are interested in a significant boost, you can purchase the largest package, which offers 100,000 Facebook followers for $649. However, we recommend exercising caution and choosing a moderate package, especially if you are a beginner or if your Facebook account has low engagement for the time being.

Delivery Time

You might run out of patience while waiting for an order; it’s totally understandable, and we get it. You might want to see instant growth, which is why you have probably chosen to buy Facebook followers in the first place. We should note down that Buyrealfollows doesn’t set a specific deadline before anything else. However, the deliveries take place within 24-72 based on multiple criteria such as package quantity and the current order density. Still, Buyrealfollows promises 100% real and fast growth, and your order should arrive within 72 hours at the latest. In fact, it’s quite reasonable if you think that it’s the average waiting delivery time for any order.

Customer Feedback

Many people hesitate to trust service providers, fearing a bad experience. These negative outcomes typically stem from choosing unreliable providers. By opting for a 100% real and fast service, you can make sure that real people engage with your account, enhancing your online presence and ensuring a 100% safe and positive experience.

Customer feedback plays a critical role in this process. If you’re considering buying Facebook followers and want honest feedback, you can visit Buyrealfollows’ review section to see firsthand accounts from other users.


Now, let’s complete the list with one last alternative offering good quality and active engagement. Buysocialmediamarketing values your satisfaction and your account’s security and never sacrifices quality while remaining affordable. Therefore, if you feel that you need a little support on your Facebook journey, you can count on Buysocialmediamarketing’s “buy Facebook followers” service to take your adventure to the next level. You can promote your Facebook page or profile with fast and organic engagement in just one click. We know it sounds exactly like what you need. Well, let’s dive into detail to gain a greater insight into what to expect from Buysocialmediamarketing services.


Let’s debate the potential benefits you can experience when you buy Facebook followers from Buysocialmediamarketing:

  • You can easily purchase Facebook followers by sharing your profile link on Buysocialmediamarketing. The entire process works solely with your profile link.
  • You can receive your followers within hours shortly after you complete the payment process. In other words, you don’t need to closely watch the order tracking since your new followers will arrive before you even realize it, thanks to 100% real and fast service.
  • Buysocialmediamarketing offers prices that are already quite reasonable and affordable, but you can save even more by taking advantage of special deals and discount codes. If you’re mainly concerned with finding an affordable service, Buysocialmediamarketing is an ideal choice for you.


Let’s consider the possible drawbacks of Buysocialmediamarketing:

  • If you want to know the policy in case of any drop-off, Buysocialmediamarketing does not provide transparent information about this issue.
  • The packages are reasonably priced; however, there are just four packages you can buy in total. So, if you want to select from multiple choices while purchasing, you might feel let down.


As well as being fast and organic, Buysocialmediamarketing services are also affordable and cost-effective. Even with a limited budget, you can benefit from Buysocialmediamarketing’s instant and active Facebook followers. 

There are eight packages you can purchase in total. The starter package has 100 Facebook followers costing $2.99. If you need a profitable discount, you can click “Learn More” below the package options to see the current deals.

Delivery Time

Buysocialmediamarketing doesn’t give a specific deadline if you need a binding date. Nevertheless, it’s declared that when you buy Facebook followers, the order is typically delivered within 24 hours.

Consequently, if you need 100% real and fast service, you can opt for Buysocialmediamarketing’s service, which saves you from long waiting times and stressful order tracking.

Customer Feedback

So far, we have covered all the advantages and weaknesses of Buysocialmediamarketing’s “buy Facebook followers” service. Still, it’s better to check whether the practice matches the description. Buysocialmediamarketing has a dedicated section for customer reviews, where you can read honest feedback from real people. Then, you can decide if it really fits your needs and objectives.

How We Choose These Top Sites Selling Buy Facebook Followers?

Now, we have listed the top 5 alternatives for those who want to buy Facebook followers. If you wonder what our foremost criteria were while creating the list, here we go.

Firstly, we only included the services that provide 100% real and fast growth. Basically, if you choose a service provider from our list, your Facebook profile will be promoted by active and real people. This is mainly because we value your account’s security. Bot engagement is temporary and risky. So, our list only recommends service providers that guarantee 100% safe transaction and delivery. In the meantime, they prioritize fast and organic engagement.

Is It Safe to Buy Facebook Followers?

Having security concerns when purchasing Facebook followers is entirely understandable, primarily since you’re investing money into the service and want to ensure the security of your account. However, you can be confident that your account will be entirely secure as long as you choose a fast and organic service. The new followers you gain will be real and active users, just like your current followers. You will essentially be expanding your online community with genuine members.

Final Thoughts

It’s okay to feel lost and desperate when you feel like your hard work doesn’t pay off well. At this point, you can resort to service providers to boost your account with 100% real and fast followers. When you go for a reliable service provider, they send active and real people to interact organically with your content. In this list, we’ve tried to gather the best choices for you to buy Facebook followers if you need a little exterior support. You can go back and review the list in detail until you decide on the perfect option for you based on the service’s strengths and weaknesses.

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