Black Heaven – Suicide Songs (Album – Trisol)

By Jan 20,2020

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Genre/Influences: Dark-electro, electro-wave, dark-pop.

Format: Digital, CD.

Background/Info: “Suicide Songs” marks the return of Black Heaven. After an absence of eight years Martin Schindler –who’s better known for his involvement with the gothic project Mantus, reactivated his ‘electro’ project, which has been introduced as an ultra dark opus.

Content: “Suicide Songs” in a way stands for the dystopian world we’re living in; a world that is driving mad and, which seems to have its impact at the artist. All these feelings have been transposed into a melancholic, danceable electro-format, which is mixing electronics together with pop, gothic and new-wave. The music has a retro feeling reminding me of the 90s and especially Fortification 55 comes to mind. The songs are dark and melodic, and also feature noticeable lyrics about the disillusion of the artist.

+ + + : I like the retro-90s feeling, but more than that, this album reveals great melody lines (which is not that surprising if you’re familiar with Mantus), a dark electro-wave sphere and danceable rhythms. I also like his dark timbre of voice, which only accentuates the darkness of the concept. There also is a cool song “Another Life” with female backings. The main strength emerges from the carrying choruses. This album features several beautiful songs. Black Heaven doesn’t really bring something new, but this dark opus has something refreshing in times dark-electro artists became the copy of another copy.

– – – : It’s not that easy to release a new work after a hiatus of eight years. So it will be not that easy for Black Heaven to bring this album in the spotlights. From a pure musical point of view, some songs are maybe a bit too similar, but I’m not complaining.

Conclusion: Black Heaven strikes back with style! This is the right album to put this project back on the map.

Best songs: “No Love”, “Wake Me Up”, “When I’m Dead”, “Another Life”, “Leave Me Alone”.

Rate: (8).

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