Beinhaus – Zaehne (CD Album – Audiophob)

By Apr 22,2019

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Genre/Influences: Industrial.

Background/Info: Beinhaus is a German formation active since 1995. They released several productions, but never gained a deserved reputation. They’ve been less prolific during the past years, but are now back on track with this new work featuring 12 songs in the purest retro-industrial style.

Content: The influences running through this work are clearly getting us back to the origin of 80s industrial music. “Zaehne” can be easily defined as the reincarnation of early Einstürzende Neubauten, but other pioneers of industrial music like Test Dept., SPK ao can be evoked. This is industrial music composed with metal drums, hammers and other kind of recyclable industrial material. Electronics have been added while the German vocals are also reminding me of Einstürzende Neubauten. A few tracks are reworked/alternative versions of early cuts.

+ + + : I liked the early industrial movement from the 80s and I think it’s a music genre that has progressively disappeared and replaced by electronics. Beinhaus brings this early and authentic spirit back to life and that feels like magic! The percussion parts sound rough, but so much more than the usual distorted electronic drums created by computer. So this retro-style makes sense and is that much more original and creative than what I’m discovering today. This is an essential production for all fans of early industrial music and, which might inspire young artist to become creative instead of composing music in a cozy studio. Last, but not least I also want to say a word about the cool artistic digipak of the album!  

– – – : I don’t have minus points about this production, but simply regret this kind of bands appear to be an exception today. We need more industrial music keeping the true spirit alive!

Conclusion: This is a brilliant piece of old-school industrial music and I hope it will incite other artists to (re)consider their approach in industrial music.

Best songs: “Im Krieg”, “Ich Weiss Alles”, “Das Messer”, “Zähne”.

Rate: (9).


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