Exclusive premiere: Batavia launches brand new single / video ‘Azafrán’

By Jun 17,2021

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Batavia launches brand new single / video'Azafrán'

We have an exclusive video from the Jacksonville FL. based goth industrial act Batavia available for you today: “Azafrán”. Scroll down to see the video.

Here’s what Terri & Ed Cripps tell about the background of the song: “About 30 miles south of Jacksonville is the city of St.Augustine. It’s actually the oldest city in the United States, founded by the Spanish in 1565. It’s pretty rife with ghost stories and fokelore, but one of the more famous tales is that of a young colonel, his handsome assistant, and his beautiful wife, Delores. There’s a bit of history mixed with legend, and finding the truth in that murk is a bit foggy, but the story goes like this; The colonel brought his wife from Spain, and then neglected her and left her in this massive fort, Castillo De San Marcos, (which still stands today).

His dashing assistant became smitten by her and they had an affair while the colonel was away. Delores wore a distinct fragrance. When the colonel returned, he smelled it on his assistant. Both Delores and the assistant disappeared shortly thereafter, believed to have returned to Spain. Some time in the early 1800s, an American soldier discovered a false wall, and when they removed one of the bricks, the smell of her perfume filled the air. Two skeletons were found behind the wall, believed to be the assistant and Delores. The fort is there. You can visit that dungeon. Is it true? Who knows. It’s a good story.”

Here’s the video for “Azafrán”. The single is available on Bandcamp.

About Batavia

Batavia are husband and wife Terri & Ed Cripps from Jacksonville, FL. While primarily rooted in goth industrial, the group have utilized the genre as a vehicle to incorporate a span of influence ranging from dream pop to noise rock.

By invoking the namesake of the wreck and mutiny of The Batavia, they have made a point to utilize their music to tell the darker stories lost to history.

Since the group’s creation in 2020, they have released two EPs, two singles, a full length album, independently produced several music videos, and released a remix album.



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