B° Tong – Each And Every Word Must Die (Vinyl Album – Hots)

By Jun 17,2018

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Genre/Influences: Dark-ambient, soundscape.

Background/Info: Chris Sigdell better known as B° Tong is a prolific artist dealing with dark-ambient and dark-soundscape experiments. This new work is the first production released on the brand-new Spanish label Hots. The vinyl format is strictly limited to 100 copies.

Content: This work features 2 long duration cuts. Both tracks reveal a slow progression inviting the listener to walk through a dark and somewhat mysterious soundscape. You’ll notice industrial sound elements and numerous field recordings. It totally fits with the conceptual approach behind this work dealing with a German expedition early 1939 throughout an uncharted area of Antarctica.

The track was played during live concerts and had to be separated in 2 cuts for this vinyl release.

+ + + : You feel a kind of improvisation in the writing, which is however pretty accessible. I like the progression throughout the cuts and especially the harder passages featured at the B-side cut. Both cuts are pretty complementary so I wasn’t surprised discovering that it originally featured one single cut. You feel like being lost in a dark sonic labyrinth. I like the somewhat dark-abstract artwork of this vinyl.

– – – : This kind of production remains pretty minimal and mainly conceived for a very restricted number of music lovers.

Conclusion: B° Tong remains a particular experience in sound so if you’re in search of something ‘extreme’ and yet still accessible this is an interesting release to look out for.

Best songs: “The Sun Is A Hollow Fetish Of Mine”.

Rate: (6½).

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