Autopsia – Weltuntergang (Album – Other Voices Records)

By Apr 28,2021

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Genre/Influences: Industrial, Cinematographic, Experimental.

Format: Digital, Vinyl, Cassette.

Background/Info: Autopsia doesn’t need no further introduction to Industrial music lovers. They can easily be considered as pioneers in the genre and can look back at an impressive career and discography. This album is a fine selection from songs that were originally composed in between 1982 and 1995. The compilation was originally released in 2011 on Illuminating Technologies as digital and CD format and got a re-release on Other Voices Records on vinyl and cassette. 

Content: The style of Autopsia remains a true enigma. There are for sure Industrial influences running throughout the songs while some epic/orchestral arrangements are sometimes reminiscent of the Laibach approach. But there’s much more than simply Industrial, some pieces being more into a true Cinematographic style. You’ll also notice songs with other influences like Ritual, dark-Ambient and pure Experimental.

+ + + : Autopsia deals with ominous sound; there’s always something intriguing emerging from the tracks. But this compilation is also an opportunity to revisit some early work of the band, which already featured a kind of ‘total-concept’ approach. You can hear it’s not just meant as music, but moving towards a greater artistic creation and concept. Most of the tracks have a strong visual appeal, moving from a pure Dark-Ambient nihilism to Horror-Soundtrack. The composition is elaborated and diversified. “The Time Of Pain And Time Of Waiting” originally released in 1990 is a brilliant piece of Cinematographic music moving crescendo to a sonic climax. I also want to mention “Monster And Mad Point”, which is characterized by a desolate sphere.  

– – – : I can’t say this album is the best Autopsia work I’ve ever heard although it’s a cool way to get back to the early years of the band.

Conclusion: “Weltuntergang” perfectly summarizes the sound and approach of Autopsia; hard to label and always intriguing.

Best songs: “The Time Of Pain And Time Of Waiting”,  “Monster And Mad Point”, “Weltuntergang Theme II”, “Lebensherrgabe”.

Rate: (7½).

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