Āustras Laīwan – Birds In Shells (CD Album – Wrotycz Records)

By Jun 8,2016

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Genre/Influences: Neo-classic, folk.  

Āustras LaīwanBackground/Info: Āustras Laīwan is a brand-new project set up by Alexey Popov. You maybe know this artist from his Sunset Wings-project, which already released a few productions on Wrotycz Records. “Birds In Shells” has been introduced as an intimate release with the help of some friends and dedicated to some special and dearest people of the composer.

Content: The main characteristic of this opus is the use of authentic and acoustic instruments. An impressive number of instruments have been used and played by Popov and his guests. The piano brings some melodies and refinement, but still this particular taste of melancholia. The cello accentuates the melancholia and dives into deeper feelings of loneliness and sorrow. The violin injects more sensibility, but a rather frivolous way. I can also mention the magic of the glockenspiel and bells and all the deepness of an oboe. And I won’t forget to mention the guitar, which brings some folk elements alive.

“Birds In Shells” is pure neo-classic music and a beautiful composition, which indeed sounds very personal and intimate. It sounds a bit like a mirror of the artist’s soul. It brings emotions to life, which are accentuated by the numerous guest singers. From whispering vocals to a beautiful male – female duo, this album has a lot to offer. There also is a kind of childish touch emerging from a few songs, which remind me to the reverie of a music box.

+ + + : The play of all different instruments creates a beautiful and authentic feeling. It brings reverie to lfe and would be matching for a soundtrack of a movie about nature.

– – – : Despite of this artistic beauty there’re not many songs really emerging from the tracklist. I’m missing a few little details, maybe a melody or a more ethereal voice, to make it really unforgettable.

Conclusion: Āustras Laīwan stands for sonic poetry. It’s a delicate composition that feels like a caress.

Best songs: “Carpe Diem / Avēs Et Mollia”, “De Avibus Et Conchīs”, “Wītas Āldikas Pēismen #3: Sillins, 1993”.

Rate: (7½).


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