Anni Hogan – Lost In Blue (CD Album – Cold Spring)

By Jun 6,2019

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Genre/Influences: Experimental, jazz, cabaret.

Background/Info: Anni Hogan belongs to this list of mythical artists from the 80s underground movement. She had the opportunity to collaborate and work with some of the most famous names from the scene so this new album is something particular to watch out for. The album has been produced by Dave Ball and an impressive list of guest singers have been invited too.

Content: “Lost In Blue” is Anni Hogan plus friends/mates and you here will find Kid Congo Powers (ex-The Gun Club, ex-Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds…), Richard Strange (Doctors Of Madness), Wolfgang Flür (ex-Kraftwerk), Celine Hispiche, Lydia Lunch, Scarlet West, Gavin Friday (ex-Virgin Prunes) and John Fiddler. The album features 11 tracks and only 2 of them have been sung by Anni Hogan herself.

Soundwise the music features a nice twist between dark-jazzy influences, cabaret music and chanson. The different singers bring a very personal touch to each of the songs, which is sometimes accentuated by the playing of a saxophone and/or piano.

+ + + : “Lost In Blue” is a delicious sonic travel. You get the impression discovering new sonic horizons colored by sensual passages. The atmosphere hanging over this work is one of the most noticeable elements. It creates a smooth and comfortable sensation accentuated by talented singers. I here want to tip the angelic vocals of Anni Hogan herself (especially on the debut song), but also Kid Congo Powers and Celine Hispiche singing on the beautiful “Ghosts Of Soho”. Another brilliant song is “Thunderstuck” sung by Anni herself.

– – – : I don’t have real minus points about this album, but it clearly is not the most ‘stereotypical’ Cold Spring release in history. You don’t exactly expect a jazzy production released on Cold Spring.

Conclusion: This is a beautiful and totally accomplished album, which reflects an intimate- and sensible production. Anni Hogan took me by surprise and I’m totally devoted!

Best songs: “Ghosts Of Soho”, “Thunderstuck”, “Angels Of Romance”, “Lost Somewhere”, “My Career”.

Rate: (8).

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