Alien:Nation – Extraterrestrial BIOS Systemshell (Album – Insane Records)

By Sep 8,2021

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Genre/Influences: Dark-Electro.

Format: Digital, 2CD.

Background/Info: Five years after their official debut album, Colombian project Alien:Nation strikes back with a new opus featuring two discs.

Content: The first –and main, disc entitled “Input Ritual” brings us back to the (h)el(l)ectro of this band. The songs are driven by pure rage and typical dark-Electro leads. The harsh vocals –mainly sung in Spanish, accentuate the terror-vision of this work. Three songs feature contributions from Midian Dite, System Noire and Chamaeleon. There also is another song, which is pure hardcore; a kind of metal style with guitar sounds as the final track of the album.

The second disc entitled “Output Pact” features the single “Misanthropic Affection” followed by 9 remixes; Croona, Devil-M, LuMyia, Nahtaivel, Nygen, Nohycit, Ultimate Soldier, Wychdoktor and Техногенетика (Technogenetica) have been asked for the job.

+ + + : If you’re into ‘classical’ Dark-Electro this album will be an opportunity to discover an interesting formation, which clearly reveals a nose for this music genre. The songs are pure adrenaline and rage, although always supported with melodic leads. The album stands for constant power. There’re a few cool collaborations like the excellent “Nothing For Nothing” featuring Midian Dite. Among the remixes I’ll mention the cool remix of Croona and the tormenting edit of Nahtaivel.

– – – : Alien:Nation is somewhat cliché, gut who cares when the sound is cool!? I’m however not a huge fan of the song “Misanthropic Affection”. I prefer most of the remixes to the original edit. Another weird cut featured at the main disc is the Metal/Hardcore-like “Blasphemous Alientech Warfare”, which has nothing in common with the sound of Alien:Vision.

Conclusion: If you think hell is just fantasy, listening to “Extraterrestrial BIOS Systemshell” will be a true shock!

Best songs: “Malignant Malware”, “Nothing For Nothing”, “Vision Reborn” + “Misanthropic Affection – Nahtaivel Remix”, “Misanthropic Affection – Croona Remix”.

Rate: 7½.




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