Alberich – Quantized Angel (CD Album – Hospital Productions)

By Nov 24,2019

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Genre/Influences: Industrial, industrial-trance.

Background/Info: Behind Alberich is hiding American producer Kris Lapke. He’s involved with numerous projects and moved back to his Alberich project to unleash a new solo-album, which is the first one in quite a long time.

Content: “Quantized Angel” sounds like a total and modern industrial music experiment. Alberich brings us back to certain essence of industrial sounds, which he mainly put in heavy, bouncing rhythms. But the rhythm also has something complex and definitely more modern. The artist is mixing good-old retro elements together with new ideas. That’s what creates this trance-industrial feeling while other passages are just evolving into a heavy sonic mayhem with some vocals on top.

+ + + : Industrial music is maybe one of the electronic music genres that constantly evolves. There for sure is a difference between the return of Test Department which earlier this year reminds us to the origins of industrial music to a project like Alberich bringing the past and the present together. But the common element between both projects is the passion for industrial music and the elaboration of the tracks. Alderich brings an intelligent and post-modern format, which is characterized by impressive rhythms, icy electronic sequences and a cool production of the vocals with effects on top. This is an album you have to discover!

– – – : I think a few songs could even have been more elaborated or just re-edited in extended versions.

Conclusion: Alberish stands for industrial music for future generations although I’m sure it might also appeal to retro-lovers. This album is pure enjoyment!

Best songs: “Unity House”, “Quantized Angel”, “Chilsong Chamber”, “Escape”.

Rate: (8).



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