Akathartos – First Nightmare (CD Mini-Album – Akathartos)

By Oct 12,2015

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Genre/Influences: Orchestral electro-industrial, symphonic & electronic.

AkathartosContent: Akathartos is a new Finnish solo-project dealing with a hard to define music genre. The band claims to be inspired by artists like Hans Zimmer, Suicide Commando, Wumpscut, Hocico and orchestral-, metal- and industrial ensembles.

This debut work features 6 songs taking off in a rather cinematographic style revealing epic- and symphonic arrangements plus some chants. It sounds like an intro and a promising debut.

The next song coming up is a bit weirder in sound. There’s a mix of dark-electro ingredients, which sound rather rough and under-produced, and symphonic passages. This is not exactly about duality, but simply two different songs running through each other.

The next few songs are suffering from a similar construction. The epic- and symphonic input is not bad at all while reinforced by male- and female chants. It sounds like an interesting cinematographic adventure, but the dark-electronics are hard to understand.

The last two songs reveal a similar approach and construction in sound, but Akathartos here seems to have found the formula to bring both influences together. I can’t say that it’s fully convincing, but a song like “Calling Of Dying” is somewhat encouraging for the future. This is a more successful osmosis between the drama and sorrow emerging from the epic passages on one side and the harder electronic layer on the other. “My Time Will Come” sounds a bit similar and we here even can speak about certain harmony between the different sources of inspiration.

Conclusion: Akathartos definitely tries to take the listener by surprise by mixing opposites with each other, but still has to find the right balance.

Best songs: “Calling Of Dying”.

Rate: (DP:5)DP.

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