Aiboforcen returns after 7 years of close to total silence

By Apr 20,2018

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Aiboforcen returns after 7 years of close to total silence

Still mostly centered today around mastermind Benoit Blanchart and female singer Patrice Synthea (Regenerator lead singer), Aiboforcen strikes back. The return was already hinted at on the Aiboforcen Facebook page a few weeks ago, but today the Belgian industrial label Alfa Matrix has announced more details about the upcoming album “Sense & Nonsense”.

You can already pre-order the CD, 2CD and via Bandcamp the download version of the limited edition set. Here are already 2 songs to enjoy.

For this release Blanchart has once again collaborated with a rather promising list of special guests. The first one is Jean-Luc De Meyer (Front 242, 32CRASH, Underviewer, …) who lends his unique voice on not less than 3 songs on this album, including an upbeat EBM cover version of Front 242’s very own “Loud” and the more atmospheric and darkish “The Arrival”.

Other noticeable appearance comes from Damasius of label mates Mondträume, Mari Kattman, Mildreda, Venal Flesh and Kant Kino.

Next to the normal CD version there is also a limited edition of the album which will hold a 13-track bonus disc entitled “An End Unto Itself” revealing some 3 exclusive non-album tracks including guest vocals by Junksista and Lovelorn Dolls plus own reinterpretations of 3 other album songs. Add to this a bunch of remixes.


Undermathic – Living Holograms (Digital Album – Undermathic)

Undermathic – Living Holograms
Ager Sonus – Necropolis

Ager Sonus – Necropolis (CD Album – Cryo Chamber)


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