Aesthetische – MMXX (EP – Alfa Matrix)

By Aug 29,2020

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Genre/Influences: Techno-body, trance.

Format: Digital.

Background/Info: The current Covid 19 pandemic forced artists to do things in a different way. The Aesthetische duo Fabricio Viscardi – Guilherme Peres decided to revisit some of their songs while inviting their old Aghast View mate, Denis Rudge, to take part on this EP.

Content: “MMXX” features 8 different songs; tracks that have been reworked or remixed. It’s a question of perception. But the songs are revealing diversity. From the opening song “One In This World featuring Mari Kattman to the darker and definitely Aghast View reminiscent of “Byprodukt” to the dark-dance driven “Red Trackers” and “Ascension” to the new version of “Barking At The Wrong Tree” featuring Sascha Klein (Neuroticfish) this EP has a lot to offer. Notice by the way the song “Brennbar” has been remixed by Civilian Reich.

+ + + : When you make a nice selection of some of your best songs and you rework/remix them you for sure will get some nice surprises. Aesthetische has always revealed to be great remixers, but revisiting your own stuff is something completely different. I especially like the darker edits like “Byprodukt” carried by a bass line reminding me of Frontline Assembly (and Aghast View). Other attention grabbers are the dark-sounding, but more technoid orientated “Red Trackers” and “Ascension”. “Barking At The wrong Tree” featuring Sascha Klein is a perfect last song for an entertaining and ultra-danceable EP.

– – – : We all hope this pandemic will soon be under control; we’re all missing artistic life and artists composing totally new songs –instead of remixes, and playing live on stage –instead of live streams!

Conclusion: This EP is a cool alternative edit on which Aesthetische revisited some of their hottest cuts.

Best songs: “Byprodukt MMXX”, “Red Trackers MMXX”, “Ascension”.

Rate: (8).


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