Aderlating – Gospel Of The Burning Idols (CD Album – Black Plagve/Malignant Records)

By Jul 29,2013

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Genre/Influences: Dark-ambient, apocalyptic.

Content: Aderlating (which can be translated as ‘blood-letting’) is a duo hailing from The Netherlands featuring Maurice De Jong (active in multiple projects). The project has joined the wide ambient roster of Malignant Records (being signed to the subdivision Black Plagve).

“Gospel Of The Burning Idols” features 7 tracks of total despair. The apocalyptic and pure doom atmospheres created by Aderlating are quite tormenting and not without danger for all novices in dark-ambient music. Aderlating goes on where dark-ambient stops.

Not many projects are able to create such a dark and inferno-like sound. You feel like you are in the grip of an invisible, but blood-thirsty monster. This monster is symbolized by a buzzing sonic creation that will hunt for new victims for more than 40-minutes long. The first part is absolutely terrific. The oppressive atmospheres are simply amazing. Aderlating progressively leads the listener into a deadly walk throughout the most unimaginable nightmare vision ever. A few cymbal sounds announce an evil rite entitled “Dragged To The Smouldering Pits Of Infinity”. The title of the track speaks for itself and doesn’t leave any doubt about the impact of Aderlating. Next to the frightening sound, there also is a quite unique production of the vocal parts. Aderlating uses vocals as if they are truly from a ghost. The kind of whispering production sounds like dangerous incantations of malediction.

The second part of the ‘gospel’ is filled with a heavy kind of caphernäum empowering obscure tracks with the title cut as absolute apotheosis. Aderlating sometimes sounds as if possessed by the evil ghost of a magician. Crowley could be possibly lurking behind the corner. Aderlating will be your first experience in hell so you better get prepared!

Conclusion: “Gospel Of The Burning Idols” sounds like an ode to the darkness, a kind of dark-ambient doom-requiem to praise the power of horror!

Best songs: “Dragged To The Smouldering Pits Of Infinity”, “Opening Of The Tomb”.

Rate: (DP:8/9)DP.

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