Adam Probert – The Battle For Tomorrow (CD Album – Sonic Entrails Records)

By Aug 17,2017

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Genre/Influences: Industrial/punk poetry, industrial, experimental.

Background/Info: I never heard of Adam Probert before. I found out that the artist is involved in an American formation called Andoria. He has been introduced as a ‘political poet’, which makes this release quite intriguing. Sound wise he was assisted by John E Smoke from Flesh Eating Foundation.

Content: The lyrics clearly are the main substance running through this work. Politically engaged with a critical view, sharper than a knife on our society and the world we’re living in, would not reach a same dimension without the industrial- and ambient like composition.

This is the kind of work that reminds me of 80s industrial pioneers. The political- and social observation reminds me a bit of early Test Department.

+ + + : This is not just engaged poetry. When there’s an engagement you’d better perform it a passionate way and that’s precisely what Adam Probert is doing. You can feel his emotional arousal, which through the speeches is coming at the surface. This is a composition with a strong and clear message inciting the listener to reflect about his life and the society he’s living in. When listening to this opus I more than ever get the impression that George Orwell was right!

The industrial- and ambient sounds are accentuating the dark character of the work. No doubt about it, this is not a happy listening and yet it sounds original and great.

– – – : The experimental character of the work will for sure scare numerous music lovers in search of ‘classical’ releases with standard structures.

Conclusion: Adam Probert reminds me of the early industrial pioneers and I can easily imagine it’s the kind of work that will be highly appreciated by fans of Test Department, Coil, The Hafler Trio and co.

Best songs: “Osama Obama”, “I Am War”, “Take Your Fucking Medicine”.

Rate: (7½).  




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